Which exposure would be God's exposure?

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Re: Photography and cameras are inherently mortal

Cy Cheze wrote:

In heaven, there are neither cameras nor beer.

Photography is meaningless to anything but the living human eye. Cameras are built by analogy to the eye. The images captured are meaningless from the vantage of light perception of most other creatures.

Human-trained apes might distinguish a photo of a banana from one of a pear. Chimping goes on all the time. There are plenty to apishly pixel-peep or make monkeys of them selves in DPR forums. But no ape aspires to be a photojournalist or tries to impress fellow simians with his camera or Disney pics. In this regard, sinless apes perhaps show better discretion than homo sapiens.

An omnipresent, supernatural, all-knowing being would perceive objects and events without any limitation based on distance, light, or a need for a physical instrument of any sort. All objects or events would be extensions of the being itself. It would be like having an elbow but no arm, or a future without a past. In fact, from the view of the being, all would be present, all would be known, all would be congealed in one. In other words, anything as trivial as a camera would be superfluous.

Cameras, like the apple the serpent introduced to Eve, are an artifact which measure light and dark, much as the human mind ponders good and evil. Free will and sin go hand-in-hand, pretty much the way a person with a camera can bumble about taking pictures which are inherently limited or flawed in their depiction of supreme good or beauty. In fact, most photo awards go to images of very ugly or evil things.

There is a lot of camera idolatry. There are more people who worship cameras or deify lenses than there are believers in the Golden Calf. Pixel-peeping raises the veneration of graven images to a dire extreme. Perhaps the horrible 2010 tsunami, or the Thai floods, which disabled certain camera factories, were mere early warnings of the wrath to be unleashed upon the camera idolators, pharisees, and wayward shutterbugs of this planet.

Repent and go camera-less, all ye, or expect to face punishment for all eternity as RAW files on an memory drive of a demonic fallen angel, who flushes them back and forth, forever, between the disc reformat and lost file recovery functions, and judges everything by appearance at high ISO 26E1000000.

Well said as a negative philosophical rant, but perplexing as to the "bottom line."

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