The Milky Way over Ndutu, Tanzania

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Re: The Milky Way over Ndutu, Tanzania

Thank you for the kind words!

What you need is a tripod, large aperture wide angle lens, and a camera with pretty good noise control.  The idea is you set a long shutter speed (25-30 seconds) at a large aperture (f2.8) at a wide angle (16mm here) at a high ISO (6400 here).  This is how you manage to get enough light on the sensor to capture all those brilliant stars.

One tip.  It's of course quite dark out which can make composition tough.  I used a flash light to light up the edges of the tree while looking at the live view on my camera so I could get a rough sense of where everything was.  Then I would do a 5 second exposure at max ISO just to see what the composition looked like.  When I was happy, I would dial down the ISO and up the shutter speed for a proper shot.  Once you get the hang of it the process is pretty quick.

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