Which exposure would be God's exposure?

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Re: You people are rattling the cage of relativity to lenghts of big lolz.

albonalex wrote:

bob5050 wrote:

albonalex wrote:

If I find the right number, then I'll learn from books the weight of aperture, exposure, sensibility, and think in math, doing my metering in my head and bang, perfect wrangling on the machine. (Kill all automatic functions like Program and automodes.)

You do realize that the automode is doing just that: measuring the light, weighting the values, and doing the math. Adjust, remeasure, and repeat.

No souls in those cameras--they're just little calculators.


Yes Bob, I know the camera does it. But humanly, there must be a standard that is perceivable and intuitive. Do all our eyes see the same sunset when we look at the same sunset? I guess so.

For all messed up answers I have to say that you people need to eat up at morning, noon and evening Kant's Critique of Judgment. You are humanity-ignorant math heads rattling the relativity cage. Well I guess that's fun, but you miss the fact that man is the source of life and purpose of all things and out there is a projected perceivable standard to anything.

Pure and utter nonsense!!

The source of all life is the Creator: ....."in Him we live and move and have our being"!

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