D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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John M Roberts wrote:

I have not yet been comfortable trusting my eyes with LV manual focus. I hear and read a lot that to obtain the best results, use LV. If I have time, which I usually do with much of my subject matter I will use my method used for 40 years, through the viewfinder manual focus. This is more difficult with my DSLR's and especially at infinity where detail is so small. Sometimes I do find this faster then to rely on the camera to determine what exact area I am wanting in focus.

I find a DK-17M magnifying eyepiece helps a great deal with viewfinder manual focus.

I use it with a Hoodman H-EyeN22R eyecup. You have to remove the rubber eyecup from the Hoodman eyepiece that comes with it and stretch the rubber over the DK-17M. The downside is that you have to turn it for portrait orientation. I find this preferable to using the Nikon DK-19 eyecup.

Now days are we able to trust the VF when it appears to be in focus? With my cameras it seems so but that may be an isolated sampling. In what mechanical conditions can the FV show sharpness yet the sensor plane may not and to what level of concern can this actually be?

The VF sees to be properly adjusted in my D800E. I've done critical macro focusing with it and the images came out as expected.

The viewfinder accuracy relies on the alignment of the main mirror, the position of the focusing screen, and the optics of the eyepiece. If these are off, the viewfinder will not match the image. This can be adjusted at Nikon service centers, but don't send it in unless you are certain it is off.

Be sure that the eyepiece diopter setting is such that the AF point box in the viewfinder is as sharp as possible.

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