I need a new laptop. may still be able to Windows 7, but 8 is everywhere.

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Re: I need a new laptop. may still be able to Windows 7, but 8 is everywhere.

Tom_N wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

I don't understand the whole downgrade thing.

It started with Windows Vista. A lot of people did not like it and thought XP was better. A lot of corporate IT departments (who are slow to upgrade, anyway; when you manage thousands of PCs, you tend to value stability) decided that the safest course of action was to stick with Windows XP. But instead of selling them XP alone, Microsoft sold Vista, with an option to "downgrade" to XP.

Did Microsoft hope that buyers would "upgrade" their PCs to Vista? ("Upgrading is mandatory. Those who refuse to be upgraded will be deleted." -- the Cybermen) Or did they just want to be able to count XP sales as "Vista" sales to make the newer OS look like a success? One can make educated guesses, but without confirmation from Microsoft, one might never be sure.

Now the same thing is playing out again with Windows 8 and Windows 7.

I get why someone would want to downgrade but that article posted about downgrading was a long way to go when format install would work.

As far as Windows 7 being available, here in the states is it still readily available for about 140 bucks for professional and 100 bucks for home premium.

I didn't think about drivers though.

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