Should I buy the x100s?

Started Feb 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Should I buy the x100s?

I really liked the output of the gf1 and 20mm but the autofocus was too slow. No ibis was ok I guess but it had fave detection which was good.

I got epm2 for the faster focus and the Pana 25mm which while great made everything much bigger.

I dismissed the x100(s) based on size but last week I held one and tried it for the first time and, well I guess all you in the forum know how I felt. It is just special. But the focus inthe x100 was too slow for my needs and maybe the s will work for me.

Also I don't use video much, just family stuff but I do know even with the 1080p upgrade, without a tripod it will be pretty hard to use without feeling sick.

Roll on the reviews for this camera!!!

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