Has the X Trans sensor just been outflanked?

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Re: Has the X Trans sensor just been outflanked?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Wishful thinking. I also have a D800E. Of course Nikons new sensor will outperform the XE1.

I have taken side by side shots of XE1 and D800E. D800E is in another league.

The wonderful 35mm F1.4 lens stopped down narrows that gap though. But this argument about do we need more mp and more isn't better is so old fashioned now. It was done to death on the D800 site when Nikon made the bold move and put out a 36mp camera.

Modern sensors simply have better noise and low light performance than older sensors even with reduced pixel size which is the usual argument against increasing pixel density. Smaller pixels usually equate to worse noise performance etc. But manufacturers are constantly developing these chips and making them better. Sony is particularly good at it.

I love my XE1 but lets be realistic, it in no way matches my D800E for resolution, sensitivity, speed, accuracy, features, image quality except I prefer the Fuji whie balance.

There are more advantages to not having an AA filter than just moire reduction by the way.

Its increased microcontrast, slightly deeper colour saturations. Look at the much higher scores lens rentals achieved with D800E over D800 on some lenses. It was a lot more than forums suggest.

So yes Nikon has outflanked Fuji on sensor resolution in my opinion. Not surprising given Nikon and Canon are the dominant players in cameras.


X-Trans is an APS-C sensor, the one that D800E use, is FF. Of course a well made FF sensor (and D800's sensor is outstanding) outperforms any APS-C sensor, unless physics & optics laws are a big fraud. But quite often people tend to compare X-Trans with FF, because Fuji's sensor is so darn good and there is no other traditional bayer APS-C to match it. thats the biggest compliment for an APS-C sensor i guess...

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