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Re: Lagging viewfinder

davman wrote:

I have been researching the X pro-1 and Xe-1 and was very interested in these cameras until I tried out the Xe-1 at a photo show. I was very dissapointed with the EVF lagging when panning with it. I then tried it and the X pro-1 at Adorama with the same lagging Viewfinder [the X pro-1 EVF had less lag] . If the viewfinder hadn't lagged I would have grabbed the Xe-1. I don't really hear any mention of this on the forums or the reviews. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I am hoping that a newer version of the camera won't have this problem [like an Xe-1s or Xpro-1s].

If you look at the EVF and move your head back and forth really fast, then you can see a slight lag.

If you use the camera to take photos, then you will likely never notice a lag.

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