Preferred material for white background shot

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Re: Preferred material for white background shot

White is white is white, the material is not very important, in fact, forget material.  If you know the zone system, were talking zone 9 and there is no texture or detail regardlessly. I'm not sure why you think that blown out highlights is of any concern, you want white to be completely blown out, well at least on your background.

For head and torso shots, I shoot directly into a soft box. Here is how you do it, although this comes from memory from about a year back. Set up your soft box facing the camera,  and place your model in front so that the lens covers everything quite nicely. Set up another light on axis slightly above camera, umbrella etc… The two lights should directly face each other for the most part. Start with equal power on both. Meter your model, for the light above the camera, then adjust your aperture, and soft box until the soft box goes to zone 9. This will give you a perfectly white background and the model will be exposed nicely.  You don't have to worry about clipping the background, because that is the whole idea, you can't get any whiter that perfectly white.

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