Monitor calibration for print output

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Re: Monitor calibration for print output

BrightGuy wrote:

Regarding to calibrating/profiling screens, the following article explains why it's almost always better to profile at D65 than D50:

This conclusion has to do with the sensory and cognitive mechanisms which are used differently for print and monitor viewing. Chromatic adaption is not fully achieved by human vision looking at a bright screen at D50. This is not the case of D65, but someone should not compare print and monitor side-by-side. The observer would have to have time to fully adapt to each separately.

The cognitive expectation of color is indeed quite powerful and is heavily influenced by our experiences. We see the same "white" on a piece of white paper placed near a window or placed in a room even though the illuminant may well be 7,500K near the window and 3,000K in the room. It is actually fascinating to see the "white" piece of paper and the muddy yellow of exactly the same illuminance and color patch on even an otherwise dark screen. Even though the actual colors of the two as measured are identical. It's a lot of fun to do this experiment side by side. If you create a patch like that on your monmitor then compare the paper to the patch it is hard to believe they are the same color. Then, you bring the paper next to the monitor patch and voila, as soon as the two get close enough they suddenly blend into the same color. It's rather mind boggling.

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