X20 vs 808 Image Samples : Serious Thoughts Appreciated

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Re: X20 vs 808 Image Samples : Serious Thoughts Appreciated

Hi ryder,

I honestly believe the nokia has better rendition of detail than the x10 or x20. super fine details just seem to pop a little more on the nokia. i really love the effect of its sharpness.

however, it is clear from viewing many samples on the web (in the flickr pureview808 group) that dynamic range is much more limited compared to the x10. maybe it's the way that people are shooting, but in general there is much more blowout of highlights

in general the x10 is a very well balanced camera in terms of sharpness and dynamic range, accompanied with a convenient manual zoom it will be able to generate a much wider range of quality images. but, when it comes to pure detail, the pureview 808 generates images that look amazing. it compares to the RAW processed images from sony rx100, panasonic lx-3/5/7, canon g15, nikon p7x00 series. all of which, in my opinion, can be better than the x10, though not necessarily, and not by a huge amount (JPEG from some of those cameras is also really good)

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