Need help selecting an entry DSLR or Mirrorless camera

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Re: Need help selecting an entry DSLR or Mirrorless camera

Richard the picture man wrote:

That`s good, you are on the right track. Use your photo friend as much as possible.

May I suggest you get any DSLR/mirrorless camera quickly and start using it straight away. Ask as many questions as you need to ask until you know what is happening when you take the picture. The one thing I would say is, make sure it has a depth of field preview. Some say it is not important but I disagree, later in your photo life you may well find it invaluable especially if you get into full frame.

I read up on what DOF preview does and I agree it sounds like a useful feature.  You can either check it pre-shot or you can check it afterwards but being able to check it ahead of time will save you time and let you see the result of your changed setting immediately which is better for learning feedback.  I looked and all the cameras I'm considering do have this feature, either with a dedicated DOF-preview button or as a function that can be assigned to a programmable button.

Good catch

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