D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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digital ed wrote:

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digital ed wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

digital ed wrote:

Assume LV manual focus gives best focus for Cam/Lens/FL/Aper/Illum.

YMMV, but I wouldn't trust LV manual focus. I find that it is not as accurate as one could hope. I think it better to take a shot and enlarge it in playback (or Lightroom tethered). Delete the image if it isn't right and try again. Tedious, but because of the poor quality of LV, I think it would be more reliable for critical focus.

BTW, I find LV CDAF to be less reliable than PDAF on my D800E.

What can give the photographer a better example of the optimum focus than focus on the sensor itself.

Having a better quality Live View. With line-skipping and noise (especially in low light) I find LV on the camera LCD to be less than ideal. I've done a number of shots where PDAF produced a better focus than I could manually focus in LV with medium magnification (full magnification being beyond 100% and often unusable).

You redacted my response. Nowhere did I say using LV observing focus was ideal Actually I said "Of course, tethering and expanding the image on the monitor screen gives the best example of focus adjustment." This was for creating a reference photo not general photograph taking.

It seems you are trying to make a point that is outside my comments. I understand LV on the D800 leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps I misunderstood you. I thought that, "Assume LV manual focus gives best focus for Cam/Lens/FL/Aper/Illum." meant manually focusing with Live View (on LCD or iPad) was a focus setting one could rely on as perfect. My experience with the LCD has been otherwise, and I didn't think that enlarging a bad image would make it easier. Perhaps that assumption is wrong.

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