Has the X Trans sensor just been outflanked?

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Re: Has the X Trans sensor just been outflanked?

I think the new offering by Nikon is quite interesting, mostly because it offers the chance to print native A2 at 240 ppi with the quality expected by the lack of filter. My X-Pro1 experience has taught me that sensors without filter need very little sharpening, which is a great bonus as it preserves subtle hues and passages of tones. I see the new Nikon as a very nice complement to any X-Trans camera, to be used when focussing speed is important. I may be influenced in my opinion by the fact that all the lenses I use with the X-Pro1 from 50mm up are adapted Nikkors, so the adoption of the 7100 would not change my habits. But I would not dream to start travelling again with a DSLR: on a journey nothing can beat Fujis and its primes.

After all, it's not that different from the situation when I started photography: Leica M was the standard camera, with 21-50mm lenses, but everybody bought a SLR for tele work, 85-300+ (the 90mm window of the M4 was hardly usable). Bodies used to cost less, but at $1000 something the 7100 is not too taxing. And, being a RAW user, I think X-Trans is not a problem anymore after the introduction of Capture One 7.02.

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