Lightroom 4 vs everything else

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MikeFromMesa wrote:

Robert J. Gonzalez wrote:

I just want to know if there's another program that can process more than one set of raw files at a time, each with it's own destination.

Canon's DPP can execute multiple batch processes. Set up the first (files, type of output, final location), execute the batch and, while it is operating, set up the second (files, type of output, final location), execute that batch, etc. I have done this myself. And, of course, DPP is free to those with Canon cameras (although it may be useless to those who don't have Canon cameras).

To the best of my knowledge Dxo will do that. You set up the first set of photos, select where the photos are to go and what type they are to be (jpg, tiff, etc), process them and, while they are processing, set up the next set of photos, select where they are to go (and what type they are to be), process them and so on.

I don't use Dxo any more and, when I had it installed, I never did simultaneous batch execution, but I believe you can process multiple sets of images, each with its own resulting type and each to be written to a different folder location at the same time. Perhaps someone else can confirm this. Or you can download their free trial version and verify this.

I am not aware of any other software that will do that although there may be others. Keep in mind that what you are doing here is setting up simultaneous batch files. They should execute "at the same time" if you have a multi-core chip and, if you don't, should execute "at the same time" through time-slicing. In either case both will be processing at the same time.

Thanks, that's good to know at least for Canon raw files.

Still need to something that will work with all raw files, though.

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