D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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Re: D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

I mean no offense to anyone, I am responding to this thread because it was at my fingertips but I suppose this could apply to anyone who thinks they have this issue...

Back in the days of film - before digital - how many of us examined our prints and/or slides under a microscope? I mean this literally and sincerely. Most people would eyeball a slide and/or print and know whether they got the shot or not. I suspect that if those images were examined under a microscope - equivalent to today's pixel-level peeping - that the same issues would be evident.

I believe that we are not experiencing anything new. I just think our ability to examine images in the most excruciating of detail has far outpaced the technology's ability to satisfy our compulsions on the microscopic pixel level. Images are never viewed on a pixel-by-pixel basis, they are almost always viewed in their totality. So even though your focus may not be 100% when pixel peeping, the image is perfectly fine when viewed in totality.

The OP states that the AF fine tune negatively affects infinity focus. Okay, let's presume you are correct. How does this impact your photos? Have you focused on infinity to find it inadequate? It's quite easy to blow things out of proportion when you focus on the theory behind something, but theory and reality are two totally different words.

Someone started a thread recently complaining that his D800 was defective because the corners of his images were not as sharp as the center. Some people have a difficult time separating the laws of physics and optics from a product defect. I will bet dollars to donuts that if you print an image with your "defective" camera, it will look just fine. When viewed in totality, a tiny bit of front or back focus will not be visible.

My suggestion is to stop pixel peeping, enjoy your "in spec" camera and shoot! There is no reason why we need to view our photos on a pixel level other than to find fault with our cameras. No equipment is perfect, today's pixels are far smaller than the film grain of the past, and it's far too easy today to examine our images at such high magnifications that I can find fault with even a $50,000 medium format camera.

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