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The camera bag that was sent.  I originally ordered a Canon camera bag but was talked into dropping it and getting the upgraded bag, which I was led to believe was also a Canon bag. This can be found on Amazon.

This is the "upgraded" memory card they sent.  I couldn't find anywhere that sold these.

These were the lens filters that were sent.  I was told the high dollar one I ordered was included in this kit and buying the kit would be less expensive.  These can be found on Amazon.

This was the upgraded "5 hour battery" that was sent.  This can be found on Amazon.

This was the camera.  I believe this to be the only item of genuine value sent.  I question whether or not it is a refurb or not considering the issues I encountered with this company.  This sells for between six and seven hundred dollars itself, but when you add the cost of the other items, it does not add up.  Even with the warranty I purchased which, by the way, was supposed to be a five year warranty that protected against accidents and water damage.  I was sold the five year warranty for ninety-nine dollars.  Again, the prices still don't add up to what I was charged.

This is the invoice that was included in the box.  I removed the top because it had my personal information on it.  Looking at this invoice I would have had some serious questions because it does not state anywhere what brand products I would be getting.  I also would have had an issue with the fact that it only says I purchased a one year warranty.  Additionally, if you look on the lower left of the paper you can see a date.  "02/14/2013".  When I called to cancel, it was the thirteenth.  I was told that I could not cancel since the order already shipped.  This invoice was generated by Primotronix.  If the package was already in UPS custody, how did this invoice get in the box.  Also to note is the time that is beside the date.  "15:59:43", which is 3:59PM with forty-three seconds into the minute.  I was also charged shipping which I was told was included in the package so I should not have been charged.

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