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Do not order from this business without reading what I have to say.  I ordered a Canon T4i camera kit, a Hoya UV filter and a Canon camera bag recently.  I received a call a day or so later to confirm the order.  I was then coaxed into getting upgrades at a considerable discount.  I was also offered a five year warranty that covers accidental damage and water damage for $99.  If you look on the site the price is much higher, so of course I accepted.  I was told that I would get an upgraded bag for free and that they would remove the one I had on my original order.  No argument there.  Then my phone dropped the call. I reconnected with Alan after twenty minutes or so and was told the order was placed an nothing further was needed on my behalf.  After hanging up I realized that I had not received an invoice showing what upgraded I agreed to.  I also had no idea what the new price was.  I looked up reviews online and found that there were considerable good reviews, but also quite a few bad reviews.  I had never dealt with anyone who had so many bad reviews, so instead of calling to ask for an updated price or an invoice, I called to cancel.  I easily got back in touch with Alan and explained that I had checked the reviews out and was not pleased.  He explained it away as people who did not know that they dealt with gray market items as well as US items and left reviews that were unjustified.  I informed him that I still wished to cancel my order.  Mind you, this conversation was taking place within and hour after receiving the original call to confirm my order from him.  He tells me that the order was rush delivery as part of the package I ordered and that it had already shipped.  I argued the fact that they can't have a UPS driver waiting in their parking lot just for my order and he says they are a large business and operate out of many warehouses and my order was shipped from somewhere else.  It appeared that I could not cancel my order so I ask for a tracking number and a detailed invoice.  I was told I would receive it shortly.  The next day I still had not received the requested information so I call back with my number blocked in an attempt to keep this business from using caller ID to route me back to the same person...Alan.  My call is not answered and after twenty minutes their system automatically hangs up on you.  I tried customer service a number of times and waited the full twenty minutes only to be cut off each time.  I then try the other departments with my number blocked with the same result.  I try the operator as well, whose sole purpose in most businesses is to direct phone calls to the proper departments.  I end up on hold for twenty minutes and the call drops again.  So I call without my number blocked and within five minutes Alan answers the phone.  I demand to speak to a manager.  He asks for my information.  At this point I do not even want to speak to him at all.  I refuse and just tell him to put a manager on the phone.  He continues to refuse so I end up having to give him my information in order to get anywhere.  He transfers me to Roger, who, from what I read on the reviews, appears to take care of business.  Roger is very charming, seems down to earth and is more than willing to tell you whatever you want to hear.  He even provides you with his extension, 501.  He told me he would take a hundred dollars off the price and sell the items to me at cost to them, so they would not be making any money.  He says the customers are his priority and if that is what it takes to have a satisfied customer then so be it.  He apologizes for Alan and says if I receive the item and do not like it would be 100% money back as the site says.  I mention that the site also says there is a restock fee for returned items.  He says that I am talking to a customer service manager and that there would be no restock fee if I was unsatisfied.  I get him to verify this at least one other time.  It sounds like a plan to me.  I also request that I receive a tracking number and a detailed invoice.  He promises I will receive it by 7:00PM.  He promises several times, in fact, and he even says it will likely be earlier since my paperwork was on his desk.  It sounds like a plan to me, so I get off the phone with him.  Later that evening I check my email and find a tracking number with no detailed invoice.  I call Roger at his extension the following morning and he does not answer.  The recording is a generic recording asking you to leave a message.  I leave a message explaining that I still had not received the invoice.  I wanted to make sure of the items I was getting and make sure the prices sounded right.  I was busy the rest of the day, but I never received a call back from him.  At the end of the day I still had not received the invoice.  The weekend arrives and they are closed on Saturdays.  On Sundays I am busy all day with church.  Monday is the day the item is scheduled to arrive, so I wait for the package so that I can inspect its contents.  I sign for the package, take it inside and open it up.  The camera appears to be in there along with a few other things.  The other items that were sent were cheap items.  I ordered name brand for a reason.  I looked the items up online and found them for mere pennies in comparison to what I was charged.  I was charged over $1200 for my purchase.  My original purchase was a little over $700.  The T4i Kit with 18-55mm lens costs around $650 online at reputable stores, sometimes a little more.  The kit was in there.  Then the filter kit was in there.  It was Zeikos brand.  I looked it up online and found it for $9.00.  It was not the Hoya brand I was promised.  The camera bag was not an upgraded Canon bag, it was Xit brand.  Look it up.  I found it online for cheap as well.  The upgraded battery that was sent was only $13.00 on Amazon and the memory card is Lightning Media brand.  I was unable to locate anywhere that sell it, but I found a name brand version for around $32.  I have pictures of everything they sent.  The invoice they sent with the box does not list the items in a detailed fashion.  It is very generic sounding.  This is likely why they did not send it to me beforehand.  I called Primotronix on my way to school and dialed extension 501 which is supposed to be Roger.  It ends up being a guy named Jeff who claims that Roger was not there that day.  I proceed to unleash on this guy and let him know that I was ripped off and that I wanted an RMA to return the items.  He says I will have to pay a restocking fee.  I inform him of what Roger told me and he said that Roger was not there and that the site clearly states that there is a restocking fee.  He gets very demeaning in his tone and attempts to ridicule you.  He then says the restocking fee is 15%.  I tell him the site says 10% and he informs me that it is a MINIMUM of 10%.  I then let him know that when I felt that the company might be fishy that I began recording the conversations as a way to protect myself.  He tells me that it is illegal to do so and will hold no sway in court.  I live in TX where only one person has to be aware that a recording takes place, so I am in the right.  I have nearly every conversation recorded, including the one where Roger tells me that there is no restocking fee and that he was going to take $100 off.  Jeff keeps blabbing his mouth so I just tell him to be quiet and not say another word other than to give me an RMA.  He proceeds to hang up on me.  I tried calling back numerous times only to get a voicemail.  In any case, they did send me an RMA and I intend to return the items.  I am also going to get in touch with my friends from school and work who have gone on to become lawyers and see what my options are.  I have also contacted local media in Stamford to attempt to expose this fraudulent, misleading, untrustworthy business.  I am a thirty year old veteran who is now attending school.  I have a wife and two young children.  I do not deserve, nor does any American deserve to be abused by the system that is implemented in this country.  I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau and some other media sources.  I hope to have this issue resolved not only for me, but for every other citizen as well.  God bless you all!  P.S.  If you would like to receive pictures of the items I received and compare them for yourself, please contact me at  If I am given the okay from legal counsel to disseminate the recordings of my conversations with Primotronix I will send that as well.  Thank you.

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