sunsets and tidepools and driftwood - looking for suggestions

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Re: sunsets and tidepools and driftwood - looking for suggestions

Nice set,

On the first one I think the distortion may be distracting. Remove a little pincushion. Also looks like the sky was really about to light up, did you shoot this one a little early?

The second looks fine.

The third I think would have worked out a little better with a little bit of polarization. I say that because there is no color in the reflected light so removing a little reflection only adds a little saturation back to the rocks. If there was some great and colorful reflected light you'd want to use minimal polarization to save the color.

On the final one, I think you might have missed the best time to capture. I think a sunburst would really make the image work. It's not bad as it is, I just think that little detail would really make it pop, along with the use of the proper HDR technique. Filter would help but they have better uses or scenarios. For example, a scene with a straight horzion line (like the first image) filters excel. However, when there is a mountain or cliff on the horzion the filter will darken the terrain above the horzion and put you in a worse place than you started. This is where HDR techniques work better.

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