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Even worse than solar!

I really doubt that works well, either as a stove or a charger.

The review I read says it charged their phone by 6-12% in 20-25 minutes.  Checking the specs for the phone mentioned, I calculate that the stove is generating just 0.8-2 watts.  The manufacturer claims 2W "maximum continuous output".

If you can find a charger that runs off 5V (awkward because the camera battery is 7.4V) and it's 100% efficient (although 50% would be more probable), it would take 7-18 hours to charge a single battery.  During which time you would have to tend and feed the fire with 4-11kg (9-24 lb) of wood, all sized just-so to fit in the stove.

I could also pick holes in their claims for performance as a cooking stove.

It's just nonsense, neither practical nor environmental.

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