X-E1 failure of brand new unit

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X-E1 failure of brand new unit

Purchased X-E1 last week via Amazon USA, installed firmware updates for both camera and 18-55mm lens first thing on Saturday.  Love at first shoot, purring like a happy kitten (me, not the camera).

Sunday morning, went out early again for "magic" hour, after returning home and uploading into Lightroom, falling deeper in love.

Later Sunday, to my horror, my new love would not respond.   Shutter dial set to "A", lens set to "A", but lens would not AF, and mode display in LCD was "A", not "P".  Got worse from there -  NO focus ability in ANY mode I switched to (P, A, M or S).

Total freakout, brand new camera.  Removed lens, reattached to reseat -  no change.   Removed battery, put back in - no change.    Out of curiousity, checked the firmware versions -  camera said "version 1.04", but lens was "version 0.00".   Of course, this was not correct.   I had successfully updated the firmware for both the camera and lens, and used both all the rest of the day on Saturday and again on Sunday morning?!

E-mailed Fuji tech in Edison NJ that evening, got a response early next morning.  Called them.  They had me check the brass contact pins in the camera lens mount to see if pins would all spring back up without sticking, and of course, they all did quite readily (checked them all twice).

Replaced the lens - no change.

Asked Fuji tech if he would send me a copy of the lens version 1.0 firmware so that I could try starting over with the original lens firmware, tech said he would do so.  Instead, he e-mailed me a copy of version 1.01, which I had dowloaded on Saturday from the Fuji website.  So went ahead and just tried to upload with his file, but got an error message, saying that I needed to contact Fuji tech service.   Now I'm getting just slightly annoyed.

E-mailed Fuji tech saying that perhaps I had not communicated clearly over the phone, that I had wanted to try to start from the beginning with lens firmware version 1.00, since I already had a copy of the v 1.01 update BAT file that I had downloaded from the Fuji sight.

Fuji tech again e-mailed back saying lens firmware version 1.01 was all they had available, did not have version 1.00 file to send, so I should send the camera and lens into them for diagnosis and repair.  They also said that they had only seen this problem once before with an X-Pro1, no other X-E1s.  They hold the opinion that the problem is in fact with the camera contact pins - even though they all individually sprang back, from being pressed down, with no sticking whatsoever (?).

Needless to say, I have returned this camera and lens to Amazon for reason "Defective" for a full refund.  Also needless to say, I do not want a replacement from Amazon, for fear of getting another unit from the same lot that this camera came from.

I have already ordered a replacement from Adorama.

Anyone else seeing any issues like this?  Thought I should share this experience.

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