How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

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Re: How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

Very confident in my kit. I've sold off all my DSLRs nor do I have a compact camera anymore. I carry a m43s body with me pretty much always, and my iPhone for something smaller (which I do use a lot)

Bodies: 2xGF1 (one converted to IR) 2xE-M5

Lenses: 7.5, 12, 14, 15, 17(1.8), 20, 45, 75, 9-18, 14-42X, 12-50, 40-150

Flash: 2xclip-on, FL300R, FL600R, FL50R

Grip, RRS L-brackets for both E-M5s and one GF1, extra batteries, CF light weight tripod plus a number of compact ones.

I love the system. I never carry all this with me. Normally one or two E-M5 bodies in the Retrospective 5 bag. Until recently I just had the 14 and 20mm lenses on, but after picking up the 17mm I'm not finding the 14mm different enough. I'd like a 25mm but I don't like the current options. I normally only print to 8x10, rarely larger, but they always look fine.

If anything, the bag is the weak point in my setup at 1kg. It weighs almost as much as both bodies with pancakes. I have a lighter one, but the Retrospective 5 is my main bag. 2 bodies, or 1 body + lenses, tripod just comes in around 3kg. I can walk all day/night with that.

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