Walking today on the beach with the Samyang

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Thank you, Lutherfan, for your encouragement. Yes, there is a big difference between a "regular" ultra wide angle and a fish eye. The regular wide angle will not be able to give you the circular effect that is proper to the fish eye and the fish eye cannot be used in certain environments (interiors, for example) without circular distortion or having to be de-fished via software. That being said, it is possible to use a fish eye (at least the Samyang fisheye)  as an ultra wide angle, especially for landscapes, if you follow some simple instructions: make sure that the camera is totally level, both horizontally and vertically, and avoid straight lines like lamposts, masts, tall buildings, at the edges.  One problem with this is that the horizon, by definition will always be in the center. That can easily be corrected by cropping later in PP. The Samyang is so inexpensive and it is such a good, sharp, contrasty, and FUN  lens that I am enjoying shooting with it. Roel in this forum has some excellent examples and Glen, who goes by the name of camperbc in the Sony Forum,  is possibly the  Samyang master. Many of the images on his website have been taken with the Samyang.


Disclaimer: I have never met Glen, have never been to Fogo Island and have nothing to do with his website. I simply admire his photography and his generosity in sharing techniques with other forum members.

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