New OM-D at 24 MP

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Re: New OM-D at 24 MP

NumberOne wrote:

Lux Painter wrote:

seanmcd wrote:

It's not about the megapixels.

At the current m43 development stage it is about megapixels. 4:3 16 MP translated into 3:2 is only something like 13 MP.

I hope you understand that you have the "same resolution" in both 4:3 & 3:2 formats - and the same applies to the 16:9 - which is:

|4:3| -> 4608 x 3456 => 16 MP (15.925.248)

|3:2| -> 4608 x 3072 => 14 MP (14.155.776)

|16:9| -> 4068 x 2592 => 12MP (11.943.936)

...because only the Y axis is changed - the X axis stays the same...

In the next OM-D I like to see at least 24 MP and better noise performance. Then I would be willing to abandon DSLRs, finally! Unless they go the Panasonic route and turn the next OM-D into a DSLR size monster (GH3)

Don't forget both cameras need lenses to take pictures... At the end the difference is quite minor in terms of size and weight!

As for 24MP with better noise performance - maybe in 5 years time...

Best regards,

you are right. It's 14MP. My 13MP was just an rough estimate.

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