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Re: Blue moon and Peiterkofel

Bob in Baltimore wrote:

Hi Vitto.

Well, it is a great picture! Does it meet the requirements? The idea is that it should be what you could see if you were there. A few seconds (maybe even a minute) is reasonable in that such motion is imperceptible to the eye, the lighting conditions themselves have not changed significantly, and it takes some time for the camera to accomplish what the eye can do almost instantaneously ... adapt to the enormous dynamic range of the scene. This stretches the conditions too far.

So, it doesn't make it. Sorry. Thank you for calling out the conditions.

Part of a good technical and artistic challenge is to deal with the restrictions. That is what helps is grow as artists and technicians. Wonderful pictures can be made with different rules, including moving the Moon to a place where it was not, but would have looked great if it had been. But, that is not this particular challenge.


VittoDigital wrote:

Not sure it meets the rules as in the original pic the moon was out the upper side of the frame and I've moved it down just over the mountain. Please let me know.

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Bob in Baltimore

Hi Bob,

thanks for your detailed explanation, I've got your point.

If it stops snowing I'll go out looking for something suitable for your nice Challenge.



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Lol, I need an upgrade, my Nikon D6x is a too limited gear!

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