DPR's X100S comments in Sony RX-1 review

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Re: DPR's X100S comments in Sony RX-1 review

Keit ll wrote:

Fuji have nothing to worry about as far as the RX1is concerned. The price of the Sony will insure that it never sells in large numbers.

If Fuji managed to produce a FF mirrorless camera with IBIS then the roles would be reversed & Sony would be worried.

Sony has nothing to worry about - the RX1 is a premium product, never designed to sell millions, or outcompete others in the consumer market. Think Bugatti Veyron ... parent VW loses tons of money on each one sold.

RX1 is the same. Simply a statement of what Sony can do ... then it's kudos trickles down the product range. One ... or dozens of RX1 sold ... no true difference to Sony's bank balance. The thousands of Nex + P&S models sold upon the back of RX1 publicity ... priceless!

As a high-end publicity machine - in being talked about - the RX1 fulfills it's main purpose. Nothing more.

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