Has the X Trans sensor just been outflanked?

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Re: Has the X Trans sensor just been outflanked?

I think that we 're missing the point. You can not just compare sensors ignoring the host camera & you can not compare camera's, ignoring the system (lenses etc.) as a whole.

D7100 is a well specced dslr aiming mostly to wildlife - sport users. Typical control & handling, lot of mp (serving... marketing), lot of stuff that the majority of users never gonna use and last but not least, a lens range that is kind of "naive". With the exception of the standard 35mm f/1.8 there is no other wide primes (anything at 14,16, 18,20, 24mm) or a well fitted 58-60mm f/1.4 for portraits. Not even a fast wide angle zoom or a 50-150mm f/2.8 tele. Ok, you can get this kind of lenses by a third party manufacter or use FX lenses, but not all of us want a nose heavy camera, wiiling to compromise with "weird" focal lengths, and buy from third party. 17-55mm f/2.8 is the only lens that can be taken serioulsy now days, and in fact, its the only "pro" lens for DX that Nikon ever produced! Think about that. IMHO, Nikon never take DX seriously, just use it  as an "FX entrance"... things worked very well as long as there was not competition, but mirrolress cameras gain strength rapidly and pretty soon a lot af people find the small - body / small lenses concept, more suitable to their needs, especially when IQ match or in some situations overpassed APS-C dlsr's.

Fuji X-Trans implementation with XP1 & XE1, may not be the "one size fits all" photographic tool for everyone, its a differnet "strictly photogrpahic" approach. Simplicity, intuitive handling and a few excellent lenses (& a serious roadmap) pointing to users that are settled about their needs.

So there is no comparison between X-Trans - Toshiba sensors, because we dont buy just sensors... althought in terms of noise, judging from the D5200 (same sensor), i predict that D7100 cannot even touch Fuji, actually there is no APS-C sensor, that matches X-Trans in this field.

p.s. Im a Nikon DX user planning to move on to Fuji pretty soon. Tired of waiting years for small and descent primes.

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