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Sonyshine wrote:

The downward screen tilt does not matter, if its like the NEXF3 you just turn the camera upside down and the screen picture rotates so that overhead shooting works perfectly - something a lot of reviewers did not pick up on! You kinda have to hold it and use it to fully understand!

Good point! Though I find using a camera upside down a bit awkward, personally - but maybe my coordination is poor. Also, when I was using my briefly-owned NEX-6 (nice camera) upside down for a completely separate reason (actually, to work out whether some one-sided softness to the results was a problem with its particular 16-50 lens or just an artefact due to the subject/shooting conditions) it caused the shutter to malfunction, to my surprise, giving partially cropped images. The issue only occurred whilst it was upside down, but it's made me cautious about inverting modern cameras with focal plane shutters, just in case, as it was clearly stressing the shutter function!

I do think it's a shame that the resolution of the 3N's LCD has been downgraded as well - something I hadn't spotted initially when I scanned the specs. The price, size and styling are impressive (at least from my point of view), but some of the downgrades seem a shame - though Sony is apparently trying to more clearly differentiate its models in the NEX family, which is probably sensible.

If its being launched at £400 then it will soon be at £350 - about right!

True. The F3 was massively overpriced in the UK on its launch (over £500, more than the then-current 5N) though it did of course fall a lot, and very rapidly (as did the 5R, though the fall on the 6 has been a lot slower and not so far).

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