Pagefile size on system w/256gb ssd and 32GB RAM?

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Re: Pagefile size on system w/256gb ssd and 32GB RAM?

Sean Nelson wrote:

rio911 wrote:

I'm sorry Sean, but that was true when RAM was slow and HDD's were the only option. SSD's are very different and when combined with lots of fast RAM, pagefile is not a problem.

Hard drives have access times measured in a few milliseconds. SSDs have access times measured in a few dozen microseconds. RAM has access time measured in nanoseconds. So while SSDs are about 100 times faster than a hard drive, they're still about 10,000 times slower than RAM. Given the option to programs and data currently being used by the CPU on RAM, SSD or hard drive, RAM is by far the best choice.

...disabling the pagefile is actually counter productive.

How so? What's counterproductive about keeping everything in RAM? I've been doing exactly that for 4 years now and it certainly hasn't been counterproductive for me.

Hi Sean,

I'm glad it works out for you!

Disabling paging file is counterproductive because it brings all the problems and none of the benefits!  Just to make things clearer: disabling the paging file does not affect the performance of your PC, if you have large enough RAM = therefore no benefit.  But if you reach your RAM limit with disabled paging file, your pc will crash and it will crash hard = huge problems.


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