Need to choose between NEX5r and NEX6 tomorrow. Feedback welcomed!

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Need to choose between NEX5r and NEX6 tomorrow. Feedback welcomed!

Greetings Sony forum

My first post here as a long time Panasonian, be gentle!

I have an FZ200 which I love, and recently acquired a Canon G1X, as my interests are trending more towards landscape, architectural and low-ligh/night photography.

I really like the G1X's superb IQ and robust build quality, but it is slightly too bulky and heavy for my needs. I have a small window of opportunity to exchange it - unusual in Australia - for another camera of my choice.

My main criteria are:

- the highest resolution, IQ, and high ISO possible in a small form factor
- pocketable (large pockets ok)
- small zoom kit lens to start with
- very little flash use
- not tremendously interested in collecting and changing lenses (although would consider a really sharp new or old 35mm for better landscape quality in the future)

I've done enough research to know that the m4/3s from Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus won't suit me. And forget Canon, Pentax and Nikon's mirrorless...

Which leaves me with Sony. Knowing very little about the NEX range, a quick overnight catch-up has me quite excited about both the 5r and 6!

I was very close to pulling the trigger today on the 6, but something is enticing me about the size and touchscreen of the 5r.

So far as I can ascertain, the main differences and similarities between the two are:

- internal vs external flash
- EVF (including Quick Navi)
- external controls
- LCD for portrait on the 5r
- virtually identical IQ (same sensor and 16-50 kit PZ lens)
- arguably better build quality on the 6 (same as the 7)
- touchscreen of course on the 5r
- significantly smaller body on the 5r, and lighter too
- same software and LCD
- multi port thingy on top of the 6

My current thinking is that I can live without the viewfinder, and the included external flash will be fine for my once or twice a year use, and I would enjoy using the touchscreen.

As the 5r can configure both the lower softkey and Fn button, I wonder whether this would mostly overcome the loss of the mode dial and AEL buttons on the 6?

So that's where I'm at. Is the 5r too small to use comfortably with only small (no telephoto) lenses? Is the paint and build quality good enough? Are the loss of external controls a major obstacle to useability? Is the IQ all its cracked up to be in the real world? (I've looked at enough charts to see that it appears to be very, very good) Are there any other relevant factors I've missed?

Am I making the best choice for my (amateur) the requirements by moving to Sony NEX?

Thanks for any input, and looking forward to becoming a Sonian (?)


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