DPR's X100S comments in Sony RX-1 review

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Re: DPR's X100S comments in Sony RX-1 review

Emacs23 wrote:

jyhfeei wrote:

These sort of comments make me wonder.... From the conclusion in the Sony RX-1 review, "The RX1 has no direct competition. The closest comes in the form of Fujifilm's X100S, which can't offer full frame image quality but is half the price and has a hybrid viewfinder, fast focus and digital split image focus system in its favor. However, if image quality is paramount for you, there's nothing that comes close in such a small package this side of a Leica and its small-car price tag....."

Firstly, are IQ results available for the X100S? I think we can assume that the RAW should be at least as good as the existing X-trans, but the JPEGs are purported to be better than the existing. Being that the existing X-trans APS-C sensor is close to FF IQ in RAW or JPEG right now, what gives? In addition, even with an hybrid OVF, the X100S is approximately the size of the RX-1. With the optional VF, the Sony is hardly small anymore.

Perhaps Fuji should yank the HVF from the X100s, slow it down and charge more money. Then it can be more competitive.

I did direct RX@6400 (left) vs XPro-1@6400 (right) comparison and the Sony was better despite of the fact the actual ISO of Fuji is significantly lower. It's about high ISO performance. In other departments, such as tonal range, DR, sharpness, resolution the RX1 is obviously superior, because the 24Mp FF sensor is much better than old Sony IMX071 which is utilized in XPro-1.

There's something definitely fishy about this comparison: the Sony file is 45 MB while the fuji is 6 MB. The Full Frame sensor should obviously outresolve a 16Mpx APS-C sensor in detail, I don't really get the point of these comparisons, it matters only depending on size output. Anyway, please try comparing again in RAW using Capture 1 for the best detail with complex patterns.

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