Nikon D7100 - the end of high-end DX?

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Re: Nikon D7100 - the end of high-end DX?

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I'm looking to get my first DSLR and was just about to pull trigger on 5200. This one should do me nicely! Nikon Rumors thinks it will be $1200 - I'd be shocked if they price it that low...

Definitely better than d5200 for not much more money, with no low pass filter!!!

Resolution king!! Higher pixel density than D800 with no low pass!

Higher pixel density is a good thing? I asked my lenses and they disagreed...

The lack of low pass however will definitely boost resolved detail, but it's interesting to see how it plays out. The D800E is a different proposition since an otherwise identical camera is offered with the OLPF, it can be assumed that anyone purchasing it is an advanced photographer that understands the risk/tradeoff. They certainly are making the statement that fashion, weddings, etc. are solely in the FX domain.

Well it would be interesting to see a chart of recommented DX lenses for the D7100, as the one that Nikon release for D800E. I guess that it would not be to much crowded... Nikon should be imediately fill enormous gaps in DX lens line with good glass, otherwise 24mp & lack of AA filter is pointless. If not do so, then its perfectly clear that D7100 is aiming to wildelife/ action/sport photographers only, as they can beneffit of using FX tele zooms in a crop body. But with the excisting DX lenses range, i dont think that photographers that are active in different fields, like landscape etc. worth to upgrade from D7000.

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