nikon D7100 - how will Canon respond?

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Re: nikon D7100 - how will Canon respond?

David_C wrote:

Nikon D7100

Canon 7D

24.1 MP

18.0 MP

1.5 crop DX with 1.3 crop option for an an effective 2.0 crop (1.5 x 1.3) (this is very cool for sports and wild life photographers, makes a 400 f/4 a 800mm f/4, no loss of light)

1.6 crop, SRaw and MRaw or crop in post

6 FPS (7FPS at 2.0 crop)

8 FPS at FULL resolution W/H 25 Raw Buffer vs 8 Nef

2 SD card slots

1 CF card slot

51 AF points (15 are cross type) (at 2.0 crop area is filled with AF points)

19 AF points (19 pts. are all cross type) firmware update was issued to improve AF performance

AF at f/8

AF at f/8 also

100% VF

100% VF also

Shutter speed 1/8000

Shutter speed 1/8000 also

Flash sync 1/250 (also 1/320 for you flash junkies)

Flash sync 1/250 also

For you video supporters:

1080 / 60i (finally)

1080 30/25/24

$1200 US

$1440 US

Available end of March 2013.

Available for +3 years

So what will Canon bring...but the 7D is already at $1200, maybe Canon has already answered.

Since its inception at B&H

D300s (772 Sold)

D7000 (1018 Sold)

7D (1922 Sold)

Seems like the OLD 7D is comfortably out selling both Nikon bodies with higher profit margin, maybe drop the price to match D7100. At any rate, the rumored 7DII specs should be a TKO for sure, if it is price right(below 2K).

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