Tamron Wide Field Tele-View adapter.

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Re: Tamron Wide Field Tele-View adapter.

goldentrout40 wrote:

I too have wondered as well about using it on a non tamron lens. Great News ! I have found that the tele view has a receiving 49mm female filter ring and if you find a 49mm to t mount male to male adapter (eBay), you can add any lens mount via a T mount. I have not tested this with various mounts for infinity focus etc..but I use large telephotos such as Nikon 500mm f4 and the focus range is very large. Hope this gives you an idea that can allow more use of these neat devices.



Needed to add more details.  I figured out how to attain infinity focus on my Nikon 500mm f4 lens via this adapter.

There is a mix and match experiiment system-I will get some time and add photos... I add a pentax m42 2x tele converter sandwiched in between adapters to help attain the infinity viewing.

Withoutthe 2x you cannot attain infinity.

Each lens will be different as will systems-BUT it is possible to use this great eyepiece so don't give up.

For other systems it will take experimetation-think of the adapters you can buy for digital systems of two brands where they often use small glass to attain infinty focus.

Hope that helps !

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