Mini review of LX7

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Re: Mini review of LX7

Timj351 wrote:

Thanks Chris. This is what I was looking for and it works pretty good though I'm not sure why I can't press the ND/Focus button again to go back to full screen view like on the FZ200. I probably should install the manual but I thought it was close enough to my other Panasonics that I could figure the rest out.

Thanks for the comments everyone.


Tu return to to full screen do not press ND/MF but maenu button.

I do not remember if magnified focus is kept during pictures changing - nice feature to check the sharpness.

I agree with lens mode issue 15 sec.

An I noticed to P mode is not real on screen it work as viefinder not as exposure simulation.

S mode is right.

But OK I'm learning LX-7 mayby someone will help me with this issue?

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