How to get prints that are like what you see on screen

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Re: How to get prints that are like what you see on screen

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

lehill wrote:

The Spyder is really the way to go. You can move it from monitor to monitor and calibrate all of them. My monitor is factory calibrated (LG IPS225) and cost ~$200. That's about the cheapest I found.

Now, they might chase me out of here for suggesting this...but if these costs are too dear and you run Windows 7, you can use the built-in color calibration tool. Even Microsoft says you're better off using a color calibrator like the Spyder but doing a visual calibration is better than nothing.

How do you figure out if a monitor is factory calibrated - or are all of them? Nevertheless, I think the Spyder sounds like a good investment.

Yes, I run Windows 7, and I decided yesterday to try and find the color calibration tool. Finally found it and made some adjustments. It seems a bit better, but I realize that it will only do just so much. Eventually I will want a better monitor to go with a better printer! I have a "wish list" that keeps growing... but, what the heck, I'm having fun.

Its an extra feature, generally part of a monitor with an "IPS" screen.

I use an ASUS PA238Q which is about $350 on, so more than the spider, but you also have to be aware of your existing monitor's limitations - it might not be able to achieve sufficient range to do what you need it to even when calibrated.

For the record, monitors generally are not factory calibrated.

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