Nikon D7100 - the end of high-end DX?

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Re: Not in the press release...

marike6 wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Anyway, given the buffer size this camera is useless as an action camera. Therefore, there will be a D400.

What is the buffer size? Because the D7100 has the exact same 6 fps of the D300s, and even faster fps in crop mode, which produces a 15 mp file.

The D7000 did not have a particularly large buffer, but I would hesitate to call it "useless as an action camera". Clearly professional shorts photographers would choose a D4, but for an enthusiast sports or wildlife photographer, I can't imagine someone finding a camera like the D7100 useless.

When shooting at max fps, you get 1 second of RAW shots and then the buffer is full on the D7100.  That's a pretty serious handicap for most sports/action photographers.  I'm not saying that some amateurs won't live with that, but it's a pretty artificial limitation put there by Nikon in these days when RAM is pretty cheap and certainly not something that Nikon intended to market as their best DX action camera.

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