Preparing for my first baby shoot

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Re: Preparing for my first baby shoot
  • A shower curtain liner ( get an odor free ) with suction cups on the window will diffuse harsh sunlight.
  • With your 50D, if you have to shoot a little higher iso, I recommend Noiseware.  Its affordable and will buy you a  stop or two.
  • Open up your aperture, it won't make a huge change in DoF.
  • I've shot a bunch of head shots with window light and clouds moving in and out.  Just had to adjust my exposure.
  • Try bouncing your flash off white walls behind you or ceiling above.  I've used a flash firing through a softbox aimed at intersection of the ceiling and wall behind me.  At 1/2 power, filled the room with soft light. 
  • Or bounce your flash bare with the "black foamy thing" as a flag.  
  • Have Mom or Dad hold a reflector  

I need high ISO ( ballet) so I use K-5s, same sensor as Nikon D7000.  Shoot 1600 and 3200 a lot.  But its also really good for window light.

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