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Re: About post processing...

MarkInSF wrote:

Rotating the interior would be a good start.

That interior was shot in a vertical format, transferred correctly to my computer, and is actually correctly oriented in the gallery too. So I don't know why it's rotated here. If you can tell me how to orient it correctly, I'll do it.

The portrait: she was standing in shade and I was metering for her hair. I compromised on having her face a bit dark, so that her hair would be correct and the background wouldn't be completely blasted out. So I wondered if that is something that would be more appropriately fixed in post processing. Or maybe her face is okay as is? No opportunity for fill flash.

I like what you say about the colors of the sunset. I don't want to lose the colors in order to have more detail in the hills or rocks, and I see that you're right - that is what would happen.

The colors in the truck photo, I think I will go ahead and saturate a bit more. It will make the sky bluer too. Could try using the camera's "Vivid" setting next time.

Thanks- your feedback helped.

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