Epson 3880 Driver vs. On-Printer paper settings.

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Re: Epson 3880 Driver vs. On-Printer paper settings.

Hugowolf wrote:

I have never had enough time to spend looking at he undocumented features of the front panel. At some point, I think through the custom settings or custom media types of the driver’s dialog, get those settings to appear on the front panel. So for instance I have a setting (and media type) called Canson Rag, which I use for Canson Rag Photographique 310 g/m². When I choose that custom setting (or it could be custom media type), that wording appears on the front panel as the paper type when I am printing with that paper.


The vagaries of Japanese software always amaze my western mind.

. ..

If you want to mess with custom settings on the front panel and via software (not just the driver dialog in play here but also the ‘remote panel software’), I would be real happy to applaud you publicly – it might only take a couple of seven hour days.

Brian A

Thanks for your response Brian. That, and a conversation this morning with a tech at the Epson USA "pro" support center makes me feel that I'm not alone in being mystified by the Epson driver/control panel logic.

Basically, I asked the tech the same three questions I asked in my original post. In each case he managed to answer a different question than the one I asked. I was about to conclude that I had accidentally reached some politician's office, when on the second asking he gave me a straight answer to "which prevails, driver or control panel?"

"Driver" was the answer this time. "Always use the driver. Don't use the control panel to make paper settings."

I guess, like me, Epson USA has not much documentation on that printer control interface. If they don't know much about it, and I don't need it. I think I'll forget about it.

Strange, that whole episode.

PS I don't mean to knock Epson support. On the whole they have been more accessible and helpful than most, in my experience. I suspect my issue reflects the kind of product-knowledge gap that sometimes happens when manufacturer and support are half-a-world apart.

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