Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

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Re: Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

Thank you all.

I have a couple of reasons to consider the Firefly 65. I know it isn't a cheap softbox. But in my case it's not that expensive.

I'm in Korea, where the Firefly 65 and the Fotodiox Diffuser 60 are made. So I can buy them at the price lower than what you thought. For example the price of Firefly 65 is about $120 and that of Fotodiox 60 is $140.

The price of $120 still isn't cheap for me. But it's cheap compared to other softbox or umbrella softbox. For example the PBL 43 Softbox Umbrella Reflective Steve Kaeser cost $60 here. I found you can buy it in amazone with only $13. Same story with other imported lighting device. The price of those softbox you suggest me must me at least double if I can find them here.

I even consider that the Firefly Beauty box 65 or Fotodiox Diffuser 60 include the adapter that you need to attach the softbox into the light stand. These thing cost at least $40 here and I doubt that they are as good as the one come with Firefly 65 or Fotodiox 60.

I like the round catchlight. So I don't want a square softbox. Portability is very important to me because I have to bring these things to the subway or bus to go anywhere.

That's why I consider to buy the Firefly 65. I just wonder is it as good as I think. Now that the Firefly 65 and Fotodiox 60 are at the same price. I really don't know which one I should buy.

According to a few review I read in the Internet, the Firefly 65 gives quite soft and even light because it has the deflector attached to the diffuser. The Fotodiox seems to have better construction, but the light quality may be not as good as the Firefly 65. Furthermore there're complains that the Fotodiox 60 eats quite a lot light and still there are hot spot at the center. Those are just my thinking based on what I read. Do you have experience with one of them? Which one I should buy?


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