Are SLR lenses better than Rangefinder lenses on X cameras?

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Re: Are SLR lenses better than Rangefinder lenses on X cameras?

AndreaV wrote:

I suppose it refers to FF lenses for SLRs compared to FF lenses for rangefinder camera (leica M), so the image circle should be the same.

Precisely what I had in mind.

The only difference is the distance from the lens to the film/sensor and this basically means that in an SLR lens the light reach the film/sensor with an angle closer to 90degree than in the case of a rangefinder lens. This is not a big issue with film, since it's not so important the angle of incidence of the light. With sensors it's different, since the sensitivity of a pixel is more affected by this angle. Therefore I would expect the effect to be present at the borders and being mostly vignetting. The fact that the sensor of X cameras is smaller than FF makes things better because you're only using the central part of the image circle.

This is indeed the information that I am looking for

Consider also that lenses specifically designed for digital cameras should have considerably reduced this effect.

I already have a complement of Fuji lenses, but was looking for possible tele solutions.

On the other side a rangefinder lens will be considerably smaller than an SLRs lens on an X camera... and this is an advantage not really to be neglected!

Indeed, this is the case.  But... There are a number of good Carl Zeiss and Soviet lenses available, both in SLR and rangefinder (m39) mounts.  They are often nearly identical in size, the only difference being the mount and the optics adjusted for longer flange distance.

It appears, at least in theory,  that the same lens with SLR mount might produce better results than the one with rangefinder mount....

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