Pentaxians - sell me on the K-30

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Re: Pentaxians - sell me on the K-30

dboeren wrote:

Tonight I'm heading to a local Wolf Camera to try out the Pentax, very excited about it. It's all down to Pentax K-30 vs. Sony A57 now, the T4i didn't really do so well in the hand and menu feel for me. I've got somewhat small to medium sized hands, so I expect the compactness of the Pentax will be a good fit for me - we'll see...

So, the trip was a success.  I was able to compare the Canon T4i to the Pentax K-30 and I much preferred the handling of the Pentax.  It felt transparent, like the camera just gets out of your way so you can take your picture.  They didn't have the 18-135mm in stock though so they said to call tomorrow and they will see if they can order it and how long that would take.

I saw B&H has a special on the K-30 w/ 18-55mm for $619, I wonder if they'd be willing to cut some sort of deal for the 18-135mm kit instead?

Or if they can't easily get it fairly quickly, then I'll call B&H and ask if they can do something about giving me a good deal with the 18-135mm instead of 18-55mm.  However, the local shop's price was actually pretty decent, I was surprised - so I don't mind supporting them if it's practical.

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