Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

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Re: Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

El Crapio wrote:

Molarjung wrote:

Dear fellow photographers, how can you possibly appraise whether Your submitted entry has the better chances of ending up among the first 20 winning challenge entries? How should You judge Your own entry before submission? When should You avoid submitting Your photo?

Your recommendations and tips will be highly appreciated (and I hope not only by me).

Many Thanks, Molarjung

Here are some tips from personal experience...

1. You need to be a harsh judge on your photos. You yourself have to be your harsher judge. Don't be afraid to discard, don't submit photos with obvious flaws.

2. Try and pretend that it's not your photo when evaluating. Could you then relate to it? Does it mean anything to anyone other than you? Your photo needs to communicate with other people, not just you.

3. Keep in mind that your photo can be really good and still not make top 20. There are greater forces at work here...

4. Also - although it's not something you should be concerned with really - if your photo looks good as a thumbnail, it has a higher chance of getting good votes.

5. Always pp your photo. Almost always you can make it look better, even with minimal post-processing.

I think this is good advice, but challenges are always a bit of a crapshoot.  I think number 4 is very important and carries more weight than it should.  You might want to wait a bit to enter a challenge and see how your image stacks up against the early entries.

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