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jalywol wrote:

Anders W wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Amazing output, great DR, tons of detail and excellent tonal gradation giving remarkable dimensionality to the images, along with being the best balanced camera to hold that I have ever handled...it ooozes self-assuredness when you work with it, great LCD, wonderful ergonomics....and this is using it for stills only; prefer its output to the OMD for non-video work.

On what grounds do you prefer its output for stills? And are you talking OOC jpegs or RAW?

The DxO ratings for the E-M5 and the GH3 are more or less carbon copies of one another so what have you found to distinguish between them? And do you have any comparable samples you could show that illustrate what you have in mind?

I have samples from an EPL5 that were taken in the same places as the GH3. The differences are present in both RAW and JPG; less in RAW of course, but still there. They are not earth shaking, but they are obvious to me, and are consistent with choices that Panasonic and Olympus each make in the way they have their cameras handle the image information.

I honestly don't know why you want me to justify why I prefer the GH3 output. I'm not making a blanket statement that the GH3 is better than the OMD; I am simply stating what it is that I prefer about the output. I have always said that the differences between the two are subtle, and most people would neither notice or care, and of those that noticed, I suspect half would prefer what the Oly output is, and half the GH3. I prefer the GH3's.

If you look at what I wrote, you will see that I didn't ask you to justify anything. If you prefer the GH3, that's perfectly fine with me. I merely asked you to describe and if possible illustrate the differences you see. I am merely interested in what differences people can see and in what they find preferable on one ground or another. That's all.

Since I no longer have an Oly with the current sensor, I can't set up a controlled test to show you what I see as the differences. If you want to send me an EPM2, EPL5, or OMD, I would be happy to do a comparison test with controlled variables and post the results. Failing that, if you care to wait until there are test results on the GH3 from DPR that I can use as a comparison to point out what I see, then I will be happy to do that then.

I think what you need for that purpose is already available at Imaging Resource. They haven't done the review of the GH3 yet but the samples, including RAWs for download, are available.

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