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Flylow63 wrote:

I have about 3000 slides that I would like to digitize. I understand that it can be done with a flat bed scanner but I know nothing beyond that.

Can someone recommend a scanner that would be good for doing that? If there is a better method I'd like to hear about it.



Bandon, Oregon, USA

Hi Ray: There are several ways to go about this: (1) scan them yourself; (2) hire someone to scan them; or (3) "scan" then using a DSLR.

The first method will take quite a while and require some post processing for each. The best currently available flatbed for slides is the Epson V700/750. I have the lesser V600 and it is okay for 35mm slides, but pretty good for medium and large format slides. Note that flatbeds need to be specifically designed for slides or they won't work. A dedicated slide scanner is also an option, such as the Plustek OpticFilm scanners. I have one of these and it does pretty well with a 35 mm slide. When shopping for a slide scanner, resolution is less important (you'll need about 2400 dpi for slides) than DMAX -- a measurement of dynamic range (the V700's 4.0 is quite good, but the V600 as 3.4 is not as good).

The scan services are pretty good, but scanning 3,000 slides might cost a great deal of money. However, don't forget the value of your time scanning when comparing the cost.

The final method is attaching a slide duplicator to a DSLR (there are more elaborate methods, as well) to make a RAW image copy. It's a quick way to "scan" slides and they require less post processing than scanned slides.

Google can provide more information on these points. Good luck.

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