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Re: Ye Olde 7

If you dont need LiveView or high ISO, A900 is pretty much perfect. Its like digital Dynax 9 (or pretty close to it). I think its last Sony camera with Minolta genetics. A99 is mostly Sony (tho I would like it too :D).
7D isnt bad camera, just really outdated. I like it output, but 6 mpix isnt much and DR is like slide film. Yea and AF is really outdated, my D200 based Fuji S5 is way better in this.

What 7D does have is pretty decent details for only 6 mpix (very good AA I think). Really nice colors and contrast transfer (cause its CCD and it has pretty good CFA).

Its heavy (D200 is heavier tho), but really nicely fits hand, everything is where it should be, everything works as it should (compared to Fuji S5/D200). Even when SSS in new Sony is improved that one in KM 7D is actually suprisingly good.

Simply camera I like. Dunno what I was thinking when I bought Fuji.

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