Epson 3880 Driver vs. On-Printer paper settings.

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Re: Epson 3880 Driver vs. On-Printer paper settings.

I have never had enough time to spend looking at he undocumented features of the front panel. At some point, I think through the custom settings or custom media types of the driver’s dialog, get those settings to appear on the front panel. So for instance I have a setting (and media type) called Canson Rag, which I use for Canson Rag Photographique 310 g/m². When I choose that custom setting (or it could be custom media type), that wording appears on the front panel as the paper type when I am printing with that paper.

I recently moved studios, and build a new computer and in doing so went from Vista to Win 7, and I am not seeing that displayed on the front panel anymore – although the only thing I really look for on the front panel are the matte/photo and error messages, so it may be there.

The vagaries of Japanese software always amaze my western mind.

I also run an Epson 9890. A 44 inch model which I think postdates the 3880. There is far less communication between the software and the firmware than there is with the 3880. All I have with that are ten custom paper types, numbered 1 through 10. I have to keep a sheet next to the printer which listed the number and its corresponding paper name that I set in the driver’s dialog.

Both printers are from about the same time period and use the same inkset, but ICC paper profiles are not interchangeable. The 3880 has a nice utility that monitors ink usage by cartridge to the nearest 0.01 ml for each print job. It keeps a permanent log which you can export as a CSV file for analysis in a spreadsheet program (really useful for costing). The much more ‘professional’ wider format printers don’t have this.

Other things about the wider printer make more sense. When you select matte and have photo paper set, it actually asked you if you really want to make a PK/MK switch, With the 3880, if you do this accidently, there is no way to stop it – you can even unplug the printer, and it will continue with the switch. Same goes for wrong paper type, if I set a paper type in the printer’s dialog and have a different paper in the printer, it will ask for confirmation.

If you want to mess with custom settings on the front panel and via software (not just the driver dialog in play here but also the ‘remote panel software’), I would be real happy to applaud you publicly – it might only take a couple of seven hour days.

Brian A

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