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old_dog wrote:

I currently have an Epson SP4000 and am getting tired of dealing with the ink clogs. The constant work to keep it cleared wastes a lot of expensive ink. I am looking at a new printer and am considering the Canon IPF6400.

First, I am looking for user experience from anyone who has this (or other IPF) printer.

Second, I have a specific question regarding paper size. I currently print greeting cards in addition to regurlar prints. The paper stock is 7x10 inches. Canon says that 8 inches is the minimum width for the printer. For the Epson, they basically siad the same thing but you could disable the paper size checking and the printer handled the card stock just fine. Does anyone know if the Canon IPF printers will also let you get away with a 7 inch wide paper? I could maybe try turning the paper so it feeds as 10 inches wide but, depending on the paper feed path, this might put a curl in the already prescored paper plus the leading/trailing margin requirements would most likely mess with the ability to print the full image. Right now I have to arrange the image so that the leading edge on the card allows for the startup feed margin on my Epson.


I'm currently profiling papers on an IPF6400.  The prints look good & I've no clogging issues (We share experiences with Epson clogs).  No answer to your 7" paper question as I've neither tried nor am I yet comfortable with the many print driver options.  However, I've 3 other problems with sheet paper.

1.  My printer puts ink lines on the back side of the paper.  These are stripes in the direction of paper feed near the right edge.  Research suggests ink mist is coming out of a couple of the vacuum holes & taping the holes may be a work around (Haven't tried this).  Ink on the back side is a killer for cards unless you have a margin to cut off.  Haven't seen this on roll paper, but haven't done many roll prints, yet.  Also haven't yet called Cannon Tech Support.

2.  Feeding sheet paper is a PAIN.  The printer takes a long time to load each sheet & paper askew errors are common, requiring a re-feed.  Sending 100 cards through will require a pot of coffee.  I also had hopes or producing cards with this printer, but will either need to look for a dedicated card printer  (Pixma 1 or 10?) or cut/fold cards from roll paper.

3.  I'm getting pizza wheel marks (lines of tiny white dots) in the direction of paper feed on Red River Arctic Polar Luster sheets.  Haven't tried other glossy/satin sheets, so don't know if this is just a problem with Canon/Red River APL or more widespread.  Again, I don't know if this is an issue on roll paper.

Best of luck on making a decision.

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