Two weeks into the wild. What would you bring...

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Re: Do not use IS, consider a battery grip + AA's

Ecorone wrote:

Have you considered taking a battery grip and bringing along AA's? the only thing to be careful of is the weather sealing may not be as good when you're using a grip.

That's a possibility, although Canon is fairly pessimistic about the number of shots you can get from a set of 6 alkaline AAs (I've never tried it myself).

Since the OP has plenty of time before the trip, he could check how long the standard battery can hold it's charge.  It could be that a new, unworn battery can keep a decent-enough charge level for 2 weeks.  For want of better options, it's worth trying.  And for the price of the BG-E6 battery grip you can buy 4 LP-E6 batteries.

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